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Our Recommendations are our life blood.  In a digital age, our personal approach, use of collaboration and creative expertise is the key to take your ideas from concept to completion.  For more recommendations please contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you.

Storytelling through Collaboration

References - We are only as good as our last client

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At C2C Media Group,  Our people are what set us apart.
We are as a collective, listeners, collaborators and storytellers!  


"Video production is a tricky field. It takes speed to get projects done on time, yet patience to attend to the smallest of details. It takes a strong personality who can design and execute a coherent vision, yet someone flexible enough to work with a client's demands. It takes an artist's sensibility to create the product, yet a COO's skills to manage that project and the various team members involved. Michael and his team are one of the few I've met in this field who brings all of these traits to the table. Top notch work, delivered on time, and by a person who's a true pleasure to work with." October 4, 2013, James was Michael's client James ReaAssociate Director at MGA, Inc. ~ Tenant Consulting

"As with any new business, we needed a way to bring in clients. We also had done research about marketing techniques. We realized videos were the way to help potential clients get to know us...Christa came recommended from a fellow attorney who does criminal work as she had done his firm's video. While checking out numerous other videos, we found many of them to be cheesy, amateurish, and not good quality. The prior work by Christa and her production crew, Scott and Mike, was professional, informative, and good quality. I am glad that we selected Christa, Scott, and Mike to do our videos because we love the final product." ~ 2013, Taylor Law Firm

"Michael and his team are very dedicated, professional and hard working people, whom I admire. He goes above and beyond what is customarily expected to serve his clients. I superbly recommend Michael and his team as top professional Producers." ~February 18, 2014,  Rebecca Petrosian Lead Contracts and Subcontracts Specialist. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (GDAIS)

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"Michael and his team ran our video, film and technical productions department at the Campaign incredibly well. He is very talented, hard-working, focused and hits fast-paced deadlines with precision. Michael not only brings a high-level of creativity to each project, but his ability to manage projects to be on-time and on-budget is second to none. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat." ~December 9, 2013, Eric Letsinger, CEO/CFO of Fix the Debt

"Christa Geno is an outstanding professional with an exceptional work ethic and vision for the creative. As anyone in the film industry can tell you, you only want to be on high intensity projects for long periods of time with people you enjoy working with. Christa is fun, focused, motivated and always dependable." ~ Chuck Paris, Producer/Director (SAG-AFTRA)


"Christa is an experienced Producer with a heart of gold. If you have an opportunity to work with her you should." ~ M.T. Postupak, Founder and Producer at Cardinal Point Films

C2C was extremely responsive to our needs and flexible to the changes that were required during the course of our contract.  They were professional and easy to work with.  


~Amanda Hylton, Program Administration Specialist

Danville Community College

"Michael was a tremendous asset to the Campaign to Fix the Debt. I worked with him on a variety of projects over the last year and he always took on every assignment and added his creative brilliance to each one. Michael created hundreds of videos, interviewed Members of Congress, Fortune 500 CEOs, and key stakeholders from across the country and did so with professionalism and diligence. If I could create a visual media department in my next job, Mike would be the first person I called. His work ethic is unmatched and he would be a strong addition to any organization or campaign." ~Jon Romano, Vice President at MWW


"Christa exemplifies professionalism and class in everything she does. She is laser focused and motivated to succeed. Having worked with her in a number of capacities related to film/acting I can say she is passionate about this industry and a pleasure to work with!" ~Josh Murray, SAG-AFTRA actor


"Michael has a strong understanding on what creativity is and what it means to create an appealing advertisement using both visual and auditory methods. Moreover, he has the ability to make difficult subjects understandable and relatable to the average person in these mediums. Finally, he is a stand-up guy who was a pleasure to work with." ~ Todd Zubatkin, Program Manager at American Civics Center


"Michael is the kind of director I love working with! Smart, funny, professional, encourages you to do your best work, and treats everyone on set with the utmost of respect. I can only hope I get to work with him again soon!" ~January 28, 2011, K.Clare Johnson, Social Media Manager & Content Editor


"Michael is a very driven and creative man. What makes him a great Director and leader is ability to truly care for the people that work with and for him. He is able to balance business and pleasure like no other and truly can bring out the best performances in his actors." ~January 13, 2011, Christopher Gaida Associate Producer/Booker at Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

Storytelling through Collaboration

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