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C2C owners have combined efforts with a long list of partners who are storytellers and understand branded entertainment, targeted messaging, and video production that identifies and reaches your audience. We produce web videos, television commercials, live events, music videos, social marketing, documentaries, feature films, and mobile content.





We have all the crew and equipment for your shoot. However, not every job is a full production. Have your own video footage and need help editing? Need a cameraman or camera crew for a short assignment? We have freelanced as director of photography and editor for professional production companies around the country as well as helped businesses edit existing footage into a finished presentation.


Script to screen

C2C is a full service media production and creative agency. Our producers develop your story by collaborating closely with you; listen to you, ask questions, and craft the script that tells your story. We work to make your brand seen and heard. Our award winning productions feature location-based production, studio discussions, motion graphics, and animation.

Post production

Our post­production facilities are capable of a fast editing turnaround, using Adobe Premiere Pro, which allows us to maintain a clean workflow from camera to edit to render. We utilize Adobe After Effects for animations if needed, and DaVinci Resolve for color correction.

We also offer DVD duplication including titling design and scratch and dirt removal. C2C has a powerhouse team to put the finishing touch on your project and maintain the highest level of quality control.


WE HAVE EXPERTS in Adobe Creative Suite, AVID, Media Composer, Final Cut, and DaVinci Resolve

Social Media

We provide implementation of our clients’ digital business development and communication strategies.  Through analytics, we can better understand your target audiences and therefore help expand your message into new markets and regions.

When it comes to creating and executing successful promtional and advertising strategies, we have the talent and the capablities to ensure that your story is delievered smartly from concept to delivery. We offer the ability to bring fresh ideas and approaches to each project, making every product we deliever a truly unique production.

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